Promo Tote: A Must-Have Marketing Tool

September 21, 2020

There a lot of features that make custom reusable bags a powerful marketing tool. From their eco-friendly impact on our planet, to their great value and effectiveness at getting the word out about your business, there has never been a better time to market with custom recycled bags.

The most fundamental purpose of a promo item is to promote your brand name. Custom Recycled Tote Bags are effective tools to establish and maintain your brand recognition. When you customize a reusable tote bag with your corporate colors, logo and other branding information your customers will think of your business every time they use it.

When your customers carry your personalized bag, they will essentially be carrying a sign and promoting your products or services to everyone they encounter. The act of carrying and using your custom branded bag also serves as an endorsement, so when your customer’s family, friends and co-workers see your promo bag they will have a positive association with your brand name.

Promo Tote

When you use recycled bags for branding, you are reducing your brand’s carbon footprint and preventing the use of disposable bags. Making green choices isn’t always simple, but choosing an eco-friendly promotional item is an easy way to show your customers that your business is serious about helping the planet. Showing others that you market your brand while staying true to your green initiatives can inspire your customers to make similar choices in their lives. Choose recycled Tote Bags Promotional Item for your next trade show or marketing campaign!

The Custom Bag Store offers you a large selection of custom bags, including non-woven shopping totes, cotton tote bags, lunch bags and coolers, gym and duffel bags, and drawstring sports packs.

Promo Tote bags offer a large imprint area for your brand name or message, are available in a large choice of colors, and are seen everywhere from grocery stores to school fundraisers, trade shows and sporting events.

Reusable and convenient, recipients will find many uses of totes such as carrying books, laptops and office supplies, or using them as a weekend carryall or a trip to the beach. Boost sales and brand recognition with customized bags. Order custom tote bags in bulk now! The more you buy, the more you save.

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